At times we, the owners of TheXT10, close the resort and go away to connect with our families and friends in Europe.

For these weeks we need RELIABLE people to stay at the resort, look after it and take care of the daily chores.

TheXT10 is a REMOTE gay place in a PARADISE spot of Costa Rica, and YES, we do prefer to offer the opportunity to a suitable GAY couple.

The next house sitting window is for  SEPTEMBER 2022, for about 6 weeks.

Read more below and write us an email if you are interested AND if you believe you are suitable for a TROPICAL HOUSE-SITTING EXPERIENCE!



  • 2 buildings. You live in one. The other building (with our guest rooms) only need some regular checking.
  • Your room has a king size bed, bathroom, open air shower, and a Netflix TV.
  • Plenty of outdoor space, it’s all yours.
  • Internet.
  • 1 dog with an enormous loving heart. Does NOT like to be alone. At any  time. Food at 6.30am and 3pm, annoyingly strictly 🙂
  • 10 chickens. Bitches, but they will give you eggs for your daily breakfast. Need food, water and egg harvesting every morning.
  • Fish pond with Koi/Goldfish hybrids. Need food once a day. Easy.
  • 2 pools. Need monitoring and may only occasionally need more attention in case heavy rains turn the water bad.
  • Green House.  Needs some water if you want to keep having fresh ruccola and other greens to pick for your meals.
  • “Remote location” means: ~4km/2.5 miles from closest stores. A few times every year the road gets flooded by heavy rains, so you do plan for a few days at a time, just in case.

DOES THAT SOUND A LOT OF WORK? (Then you may not want to apply…)

The really good stuff is, you have access to a big piece of paradise: modern buildings, 2 pools, jungle all around, breath-taking ocean view, nature, toucans and other wild animals, and PEACE and QUIET.


We will only consider couples. This is because of the remote location, simply because we want you to feel safe.

Ideally, “Steven” needs to finish writing his book or polish up his PhD and will enjoy the peace and quiet, while “Alex, the handyman” will enjoy doing some hands-on chores after too many years working in the office. Together they will enjoy the evening with a good wine.

In case you´re NOT EXACTLY THAT, and if you can still convince us in your own way that you can and will take great care of our animals and premises, then we will be happy to hear from you.

Write us an email on if you think you are The Guys!

We will appreciate your interest application, by EMAIL ONLY. Among other things, we will like to understand what YOUR PURPOSE of a 6-week stay in Costa Rica will be. Email us to: