We love cooking fresh food and try to make the most out of the local products available. Our kitchen is international with Scandinavian, Eastern European and Asian influence and as well as some delicious adapted local dishes.

Breakfast is always included in your stay at the XT10. Snacks and a menu of the day are available upon request, unless you decide to venture out and explore the regional/international cuisine in the surrounding villages.


The upper lobby and hangout area next to the breakfast and dinner area provides for a place to chat and relax, meet people, watch TV and movies and get a chilled drink.

Downstairs, stepping over a small fishpond with Koi water hyacinths, you enter the “Flintstone” lounge situated down in the lower building close to the rooms. The rustic cabana offers another peaceful space to chill and whatever else you may be up to.


We are plant and garden freaks and take a special pride in offering as many fresh products directly out of our own garden as possible. Almost all herbs and many vegetables used for cooking come from our own grounds and numerous fruit trees have been planted to provide for more organic fresh products in the future.

If you come at the right time, check out the beauty of some of the national orchids and passion flowers!


Our premises are divided between a lobby/restaurant building and a lower guestroom building. Each of them has its own infinity pool.

The upper lobby pool provides for a quick dip or hangout while you are sipping a drink while the lower larger pool includes an in-the-pool sitting area for a romantic chillout. Both are clothing optional, obviously…


Our guesthouse offers public terraces as well as private balconies for each separate room. Get lazy in one of our high quality sunchairs and get lots of sun.

There will be more than one spot where You prefer to hang out in the afternoon!


With all the space, the unique view and the energy this place offers, we decided to accommodate the wishes of so many yoga “aficionados” and build a spectacular spot for just that.

The yoga platform is currently growing into a hidden spot behind papaya and moringa trees, but already offers a peaceful secluded place with a once-in-a-lifetime view into and over the green jungle slopes below. Try it and tank energy!

Lobby Wi-Fi

There is a free WiFi in the upper lobby area, which will be sufficient to stay in touch with the world. The speed is on the slow side and unfortunately we cannot count on streaming or larger downloads. We are very sorry about this limitation.

Costa Rica has one of the poorest mobile networks in the Americas and cable is not yet available in the area. If you do depend on continuous internet access, prepaid SIM cards for data are available and very affordable. Providers like Kölbi and Claro have “reasonable” coverage in this area.


Our “teenage” dog gets very excited about visitors and likes to run and play. This stubborn, but harmless boy was found abandoned when he was only a few weeks old. He stays on the upper part of the premises only, alarms us and helps keep many unwanted creatures away.

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